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AT-11 Temperature Sensors

The AT-11 is a TPE encapsulated sensor suitable for temperatures from -50°C/+110°C. The sensing portion is just 5mm x 6mm x 15mm long giving a fast response to thermal change. The sensor tip is sealed to the leadwires during the moulding process to ensure IP67 integrity and so can be used where moisture ingress is normally a problem – this overmoulding also helps to provide an insulation strength to 3.75kV.
The industry standard 103AT-11 uses our highly reliable 103AT-2 thermistor (accuracy ±0.3°C at 25°C) and we stock the 600mm, 1.5m and 3m long versions. Other R25/B value combinations using our AT-2 and AP-2 series thermistors are also available for volume applications.