Semitec AT-2 High Accuracy NTC Thermistors

Semitec’s AT-2 series thermistors are a very popular and widely used range of NTC thermistors.  They were the first to use lead-frame technology in production to create consistently accurate ±1% tolerances for both the resistance and B-values.

This production innovation meant they could be supplied at significantly lower-cost than other high-accuracy NTCs.  103AT-2s are especially still at the forefront of many circuit designs including gas-gauge sensing in medical battery applications.

The rigid lead AT-2 format benefits both sensor assembly and p.c.b. mounting.  Flexible lead versions (AT-4) and tape/reel types (AT-5) are also possible using the same range of NTC elements.


• Battery packs – fuel gauge sensor
• Smart home controls – IOT (domotics)
• Temperature sensors (AT-11s)
• E-vehicle battery sensors
• Home appliances


  • High accuracy ±1% tolerance
  • R25 values from 1k ohm to 100k ohms
  • Stock parts; 102AT-2, 202AT-2, 502AT-2, 103AT-2, 203AT-2, 503AT-2, 104AT-2
  • Uniform shape aids automatic assembly
  • Lead-frame production technology
Semitec AT-2 NTC Thermistor Line Drawing

Technical Specifications

Semitec AT-2 NTC Thermistor Data Table