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Semitec AT-2 High Accuracy NTC Thermistor

The Semitec AT-2 series  is a very popular and successful range of NTC thermistors which were the first to use lead-frame technology to create consistently accurate ±1% tolerance on both resistance and B-values.

At  significant lower-cost than other NTC products, this series also offers excellent long-term reliability.

Their unified shape enables automatic assembly.



• Office automation products
• Temperature controller sensors
• Mobile devices
• Battery packs
• Home automation controls
• Climate control devices
• Fire alarms & digital security
• Thermometers
• E-vehicle batteries
• Vending machines
• Refrigerated cabinets


  • High accuracy ±1%  tolerance
  • R25 values from 1kohm to 100kohms
  • Stock parts; 102AT-2, 202AT-2, 502AT-2, 103AT-2, 203AT-2, 503AT-2, 104AT-2
  • Uniform shape aids automatic assembly
  • Lead frame technology
Semitec AT-2 NTC Thermistor Line Drawing