Semitec AT-4 High Accuracy Lead Wire Thermistor

Semitec AT-4 thermistors have flexible, insulated lead-wires and so they offer all the technical benefits of the popular AT-2 NTC thermistor but also help to simplify the battery assembly process.

The AT series thermistor features high accuracy with tight resistance and B-value tolerances ±1% and require no adjustment between the control circuit and the sensor when used as a temperature gauge. Their long term reliability makes them an excellent choice for a whole host of applications, with an approximate response time of 10 to 75 seconds in the air.

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  • Automotive e-vehicle batteries
  • Rechargeable battery packs
  • Temperature controllers
  • Mobile devices
  • Home automation (Domotica)


  • High accuracy ±1% tolerance
  • Operating temperature range -30℃ to 90℃
  • R25 values from 1k ohms to 100k ohms
  • Insulated leads negate secondary processing
  • Long term reliability
  • Cost effective solution

There are two main wire gauges available (30AWG or 26AWG) with the following 10kohm versions readily available from stock;

103AT-4-70374 ( 50mm 30AWG PVC leads)
103AT-4-70261 (100mm 30AWG PVC leads)
103AT-4-10228 (150mm 30AWG PVC leads)
103AT-4-61046 (175mm 26AWG PVC leads)
103AT-4-51018 (500mm 26AWG PVC leads)

New – The 103AT-4 is now available fitted with a USB connector.

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