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ATC Semitec ATC3 High Accuracy NTC Thermistor

ATC Semitec’s SP series of NTC thermistors offer our widest range of resistance values.  These offer engineers a cost effective solution for temperature control and temperature compensation over a number of different uses.



  • Suitable for temperature control or temperature compensation.
  • Mobile devices
  • Battery packs
  • HVAC
  • Fire & safety equipment
  • Automotive & E-vehicles
  • Home electronics


  • High accuracy 1% tolerances
  • High accuracy over wide temperatures -40°C/+125°C
  • Epoxy coated lead formed NTC thermistor.
  • Rigid form-factor assists assembly.
  • Available in bulk, taped reel or ammo pack.
High accuracy over wide temperatures: -40°C to +125°C

Technical Specifications

ATC3 High Accuracy NTC Thermistor Technical Drawing