ATC3 Series 1% Accuracy NTC Thermistors

Our ATC3 series of NTC thermistors offers the widest range of resistance values from 900 ohms up to 470 kohms – many of these R25 values follow the DIN resistor series values.

We can offer R25 accuracies from ±5% down to ±1% with B value tolerances to match.  This means that you can readily achieve a temperature accuracy of better than ±0.5deg.C over the range 0°C to 50°C.

The ATC3 thermistor chip is encapsulated in a tough epoxy coating which is impervious to moisture ingress.  The lead-wires can be straight or pre-formed and the thermistors can be supplied in bulk form or tape/reel or ammo-pack.



  • Mobile devices
  • Battery packs
  • Fire & safety equipment
  • Home electronics


  • High accuracy ±1% tolerances
  • Operating temperature range; -40°C/+125°C
  • Epoxy-coated, lead formed NTC thermistor
  • Rigid form-factor assists assembly
  • Available in bulk or taped (reel or ammo pack)
High accuracy over wide temperatures: -40°C to +125°C ATC Semitec ATC3 High Accuracy NTC Thermistor Technical Drawing