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ATC Semitec SM Series SMD NTC Thermistor

ATC Semitec’s SMD NTC thermistor is a small temperature sensor used for surface and ambient temperature measurements on circuit board. We have a variety of miniature automotive grade SMD NTCs, available in 4 sizes with a wide range resistance values and tolerances.

Suitable for a wide range of applications where temperature control, monitoring or compensation are all required.


  • Battery packs
  • Mobile phones
  • LCD displays
  • TCXOs


  • Extremely small  – 0805, 0603, 0402, 0201
  • Operating range -50°C/+150°C
  • Re-flow soldering
  • Superior stability in high temperature and high humidity environments
  • Extended range of sizes, and R25 values

For further technical information please refer to data sheet

ATC Semitec Miniature SMD NTC Thermistor Technical Table