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SP Series High Accuracy Bead Thermistors

The SP series is a range of interchangeable, epoxy coated bead NTC thermistors.  These RT curve matched thermistors have become industry standards in temperature data-logging, medical instrumentation and home automation or smart house controls (domotica).  They are also used in automotive applications due to their high stability and wide operating range of -50/+150°C.

They are ideal for such applications due to their fast thermal response time and high accuracy, typically ±0.2K over 0-70°C.  Even more accurate versions and interchangeability over a wider temperature range are available.  Various insulated lead-wires options can also be supplied.


  • Medical sensors & appliances
  • Temperature data-loggers
  • Clinical instrumentation
  • Smart home automation/domotics
  • Automotive electronics


  • Fast response design
  • Interchangeable to ±0.2K (0-70°C) or better
  • Operating range -50 to 150°C
  • Insulated lead-wire versions available
  • Excellent long term stability
Semitec Epoxy Coated NTC Thermistor ATC SP Series diagram