SPMM Miniature Interchangeable NTC Thermistors

The SPMM series is a range of extremely small temperature sensors in which we can offer NTC thermistors with precision interchangeability.

The sensing portion (as small as 0.60mm dia. x 6mm long) allows it to be easily incorporated alongside other sensors in medical instruments without compromising on the size of device, as well as other multi-sensing applications.

Utilising our series of  miniature interchangeable NTC’s, a wide range of resistance values, RT curves and accuracies can be offered.


  • Medical instruments
  • Laboratory instruments
  • Miniature sensing applications


  • Extremely small temperature sensor (0.6mm diameter)
  • RT curve-matched NTC thermistors
  • Operating range -50°C/+100°C
  • Size 0.60mm dia. x 6mm long maximum
  • Wide range of resistance values, RT curves and accuracies.

Technical Specifications

R25 values: 2.252kΩ, 6kΩ, 10kΩ, 30kΩ and 100kΩ (other values available)
R25 accuracies: ±0.1°C ~ ±1°C (others available on request)
Operating temperature range: -50°C/+100°C (150°C intermittently)
Sensor Housing: Polyimide tube (0.60-1.65mm diameters available)
Lead Wires: To suit sensor housing 28AWG~38AWG insulated