Campini TY23 Surface Sensing Thermostats

The Campini range of TY23 adjustable open-frame thermostats are perfect for surface temperature-sensing applications.  The bimetal is located at the base of the thermostat and so will be adjacent to the heating surface.  This helps to give the thermostat a fast thermal response to temperature change giving close, accurate and repeatable temperature control.

The TY23 stack thermostat is available with various temperature ranges, the maximum range being 0~260°C.  These bespoke calibration ranges will usually be subject to factory MOQs.  Generally the TY23 is mounted via a central column but flanged versions are also available for front-panel mounting in small appliances.

Various spindle heights, angles of rotation and different terminal types or orientations are available, again subject to factory MOQs if not an existing stock version.


  • Electric irons
  • Small cooking appliances
  • Catering appliances
  • Heating appliances


  • Rated current and voltage: 10A/250VAC
  • Maximum temperature range: 0 to 260°C
  • Different spindle options and terminal types