EAW CO/CS Ceramic Disc Thermostats

EAW CO & CS series ceramic 1/2″disc thermostats have a snap-action contact operation that ensures reliable and consistent performance.  The tough ceramic housing and quality switching components means that any calibration you choose from -20°C to +350°C will perform exactly to specification.

The CO type has normally-closed contacts that can be used to control loads upto 16A/400VAC due to the larger than normal internal spacings.  The CS type has normally-open contacts that close at their pre-determined temperature set-point.  They can be used as an over-temperature alarm or to control a fan in oven applications.

A wide variety of mounting brackets, surface and through-hole flanges, stud mount options and various connection types ensure we can match your application requirements.


  • High temperature large appliances
  • Coffee machines
  • Heating elements and appliances
  • Laboratory ovens and furnaces


  • Range: -20°C to +350°C (T350 Rating)
  • Break-on rise (CO) or make-on-rise (CS) contacts
  • Loads up to 16A/400VAC
  • VDE, UL Approvals
Ceramic 1/2″disc/button thermostats offer high-temperature control or sensing up to 350°C | ATC Semitec