EAW Dual Thermostat Assembly

A combined control thermostat and safety thermal cut-out in a sealed, dual mount housing from our disc thermostat supplier EAW.  This bespoke thermostat assembly has an integral over-temperature, safety cut-out and is perfect for challenging environmental and industrial operating conditions.

Often used in transport HVAC systems, this combined temperature control and safety cut-out helps to ensure ultimate passenger safety.  A single double-insulated cable simplifies product installation and makes for a very neat thermal control option.

The primary thermostat offers temperature control differentials down to 10K (or better) and the secondary safety device can be a one-shot bimetal fuse, auto-reset (wide differential) cut-out or even a self-hold protector.  Calibrations from -10°C to +120°C (or higher) are available.  Please call us to discuss specification options.


  • Transport HVAC Systems
  • Industrial Heater Control
  • Mobile Home Heating Control
  • Domestic Heating Systems


  • Integral control thermostat and safety cut-out sensor assembly
  • Switching capacity up to 16A/230VAC
  • Operating range: -10°C to +120°C (T120)
  • M4 or M5 stud mount options
  • One-shot, auto-reset and self-hold options also available
Dual Thermostat Thermal Cut-out Sensor