FRP2 Exposed Tip Temperature Sensor

The FRP2 sensor design uses a glass bead NTC thermistor held in place in a high-temperature metal/fibreglass sleeve assembly.  The exposed tip helps to minimise thermal delay and so can be used to measure fast-changing air temperatures.

The diagram shows a single side mounting version but for high volume appliance applications this could be modified to suit the product design.  Integral connectors can also be supplied to maximise product assembly efficiency.


  • Tumble-driers
  • Pop-corn vending machines
  • Microwave ovens
  • Hot air kitchen appliances


  • Fast response design (Tc ≤ 1s)
  • Accuracy ±3%
  • Interchangeability between NTCs
  • Operating range up to -50°C /+250°C
ATC Semitec-FRP2-Exposed-NTC-Sensors FRP2 Exposed NTC Temperature Sensor Drawing

Technical Data

NTC Thermistor Series NT-4
Temperature Range -50°C/+250°C
Sensor Accuracy R25±3% as standard, ±1% available
Sensor Material 304 stainless steel
Lead Wires From 24~28 AWG PVC, XLPE, FEP
Connectors JST XHP-2, Molex Mini-fit Jr., etc.