Semitec F-micro Miniature Temperature Sensors

The Semitec Fμ thermistor sensor (pronounced “F micro”) has been developed using SEMITEC’s proprietary thin film FT thermistor technology.  It is the only sensor in the world that uses this unique element technology.

The Fμ (F-micro) sensor uses a miniature version of the FT element connected via 38AWG insulated bifilar wires and then packaged in a tiny polyimide tube.  It was designed for use in various catheter types but is also very handy in other medical applications where space is a premium.

Now also available as 0.3mm (dia) x 1.8mm (long) with a Tc≤20ms.


  • Catheters and clinical instruments
  • Handheld medical devices
  • Body temperature monitoring
  • Medical guide wires


  • Very fast response time (<52ms)
  • High accuracy option; ±0.14K at 37°C
  • Operating temperature range; -10/+70°C
  • Miniature 0.5mm (or 0.3mm) dia. tips


  • 2 stock items available:
    • Probe size – 0.5mm (dia) x 2.3mm (long)   Tc≤52ms
    • Probe size – 0.3mm (dia) x 1.8mm (long)   Tc≤20ms
Semitec F Micro Miniature Temperature Sensor

Technical Specifications