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ATC Semitec FRP4 Fast Response Stud Mount Temperature Sensor

Fast response M5 stud temperature sensor in brass or PPS, ideal for use with gas boilers.

The NTC thermistor is housed within the screw thread portion in order to optimise the thermal response.





  • Coffee machines
  • Bearing housings
  • Heated blocks/platens
  • Gas boilers


  • Fast response design (Tc ≤ 3s)
  • Accuracy ±3%
  • Interchangeability between NTCs
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • Operating range up to -50°C /+180°C
FRP4 Fast Response Stud Mount Temperature Sensor Drawing

Technical Specifications

NTC Thermistor Series ET, GT, ATCS
Temperature Range -50°C/+180°C depending on NTC
Sensor Accuracy R25±3% as standard, ±1% possible
Sensor Material Brass or PPS
Lead Wires From 24~28AWG PVC, XLPE, FEP
Connectors JST XHP-2, Molex Mini-fit Jr., etc.