YAGEO Nexensos H540S Micro-heater

The YAGEO Nexensos H540S is a PRTD micro-heating element which is the perfect choice for applications where a tiny, yet accurate heat source is required.  The heater consists of a 12 ohm platinum thin-film structure mounted on a thin ceramic substrate just 5.2 x 3.9 wide (just 1mm thick).

The H540S can be used to heat solids, liquids or gases with high accuracy and a short reaction time.  So they can used to heat biopsy and tissue samples for medical analysis where a very localised heat-source is required.  These micro-heaters offer long-term stability and excellent precision over a wide operating temperature range.

These miniature heaters are also interesting for heating laser crystals and for use in 3D printer applications for high-temperature printing materials.  Already utilised in the e-cigarette and vaping markets, custom formats and combination heater/sensors are available for similar high volume applications.


  • Laboratory equipment
  • Bio-medical instruments
  • Life-style and life-science
  • 3D printer applications
  • Laser crystal heaters


  • Only 5.2 x 3.9 x 1.0 mm thick
  • Operating range from -25°C to +850°C
  • Very stable and precise control
  • R0 resistance = 12±0.5 ohms
YAGEO NEXENSOS H540 PRTD miniature heating element

Technical Specifications

Product Dimensions in mm Ptxxx (Ohms at 0°C) Yageo Nexensos Product No.
Heater H540S 5.2 x 3.9 x 1.0 Pt12 5084080 Data Sheet