KN Series Single Pt100 RTD Elements

The KN Series ceramic wire-wound Pt100 PRTDs are suitable for general temperature sensor applications requiring high accuracy and high temperature stability up to 850°C.  A wide range of sensor sizes down to 1mm diameter and lengths as small as 8mm long are available.  Glass impregnated ceramic elements (KG series) can replace the more costly pure glass designs.

Very high accuracy elements (1/10DIN or W0.03) accurate to ±0.03°C at 0°C are available, limited to certain temperature range limits as detailed in the table below and attached datasheet.


  • Single platinum coil
  • High purity aluminum oxide ceramic body
  • Palladium-gold alloy lead wires (Pt-Au available)
  • Temperature Range: -196°C to +850°C
  • Accuracies from W0.3 down to W0.03 (1/10DIN)


  • Industrial RTDs in processing, chemical and power generation plants
  • High stability and high shock resistance applications
  • Analytical equipment

Technical Specifications

STL KN Series Single Pt100 Element Data Sheet