KN Series Duplex (2 x Pt100) Elements

KN series duplex ceramic wire-wound Pt100 PRTDs are suitable for resistance thermometers requiring extreme temperature stability upto 850˚C and exhibit high temperature shock resistance.  Two separate Pt100 platinum wire elements are housed in the same ceramic body for convenience, with 2 sets of differing length lead-wires for easy identification.

These dual sensors are often used in redundancy systems (where the duplex element cost is more than offset by the inconvenience of replacing the entire sensor) and also allow for comparison between two different resistance values in the same sensor.


  • Two separate platinum coils
  • High purity aluminium oxide ceramic body
  • Platinum-gold alloy lead wires
  • Temperature range from -196°C to +850°C
  • Accuracies from W0.3 down to W0.1 (1/3DIN)


  • Processing, chemical and power generation plants
  • Analytical equipment
  • High temperature stability/high thermal shock applications

Technical Specifications

KN Series Pt2 Pt1000 Elements Data Table