Semitec KT High Accuracy SMD NTC Thermistor

Semitec’s KT range of SMD NTCs is a compact but highly useful range of surface-mount thermistors.  Available with three R25 values in two different package sizes (0603 and 0402), these highly accurate SMD thermistors offer a temperature accuracy of ±0.5°C or even better.

The KT series has a glass-passivation coating over all 4 sides which helps to minimise any effects of humidity and is thus superior to other SMD NTCs.  The 10kohm version is particularly interesting as it has the exact same B value (3435K) as Semitec’s famous 103AT-2 and 103AT-4 through-hole products.  Thus you can upgrade your protection circuits to use SMD equivalents without the need to update your software.

Call us to discuss the KT series, its benefits and the other surface-mount thermistor options that we have to offer.



  • Battery packs & battery chargers
  • Home automation (domotics)
  • Consumer electronics
  • Mobile devices
  • LCD displays
  • Hybrid ICs


  • High accuracy ±1% tolerances
  • Operating range -40°C to 125°C
  • Glass-passivation coating
  • R25 values of 10k, 50k and 100kohms
Semitec KT DImensions