Matsuo M3Z S.P.D.T. Precision Thermostats

The Matsuo M3Z thermostat has the same functionality as its M3 sister product but is fitted with S.P.D.T. change-over contacts.  This means the M3Z can offer both a temperature control and over-temperature switch function in one very neat IP64 sealed plastic package.

It is available with set-points from -10°C to +110°C in steps of 1K if required and differentials down to 3.5±1.5K.  The M3Z’s main contacts can switch 3A/250VAC or 5A/125VAC.  The back (or return) contacts are suitable to switch 1.8A/250VAC or 3A/125VAC respectively.

This changeover thermostat is great for monitoring cabinet temperatures and also providing over-temperature protection.   The M3Z has 2 mounting holes for secure surface fixing and 3 colour-coded lead-wires to speed assembly.



  • Temperature monitoring in telecoms cabinets
  • Over-temperature switches
  • Anti-frost trace-heating circuits
  • Catering equipment


  • Temperature settings from -10°C to +110°C
  • S.P.D.T. change-over contacts
  • Tight temperature differentials to 3.5±1.5K
  • Contacts rated 3A/250VAC (1.8A/250VAC return)
  • Dual mounting bracket for secure fixing
M3Z Change-over thermostat from Matsuo M3z Precision Thermostat Drawing