Matsuo MQT11K Thermostat and Thermal Fuse

The Matsuo MQT11K thermostat is a precision temperature control that also has a built-in thermal fuse.  So the MQT11K offers integral one-shot thermal protection to back up the highly accurate bimetal sensing elements.  This makes it ideal for use in hazardous applications or hard to reach areas where installing separate thermal fuse protection would be impractical.

The MQT11K is available with pre-set calibrations from -10°C to +110°C (in one degree steps) with temperature tolerances as close as ±3K.   The thermal fuse should then be chosen (settings from 76°C to 145°C) to complement the thermostat calibration and provide the necessary level of protection.

The MQT11 is capable of switching 2A/125VAC or 1.3A/250VAC and is available with an integral mounting tab (MQT11K) or no mounting tab (MQT11H).  Standard leads are 150mm long but can be supplied up to 950mm long if required.


  • Frost and freeze protection circuits
  • Anti-condensation e.g. in CCTV applications
  • Over-temperature control in ATEX applications
  • Heating pads and industrial heater elements


  • Temperature setting range: -10°C to 110°C
  • Switching capacity: 2A/125VAC or 1.3A/250VAC
  • Can be supplied with a tab to simplify mounting
  • Thermal fuse settings from 76°C to 145°C
MQT11K Thermostat with 102°C thermal fuse Matsuo MQT11 Technical Line Drawings