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Matsuo MQT11 Thermostat c/w Thermal Fuse

The Matsuo MQT11 thermostat is a precision control that also has a built-in thermal fuse, offering integral one-shot thermal protection, making it ideal for use in hazardous or hard to reach areas where installing separate thermal fuse protection would be less practical.

The MQT11 can switch 2A/125VAC or 1.3A/250VAC and is available as either the MQT11K, which features a tab to simplify mounting, or the MQT11H, which has no tab.


  • Switching capacity: 2A/125VAC or 1.3A/250VAC
  • Can be supplied with a tab to simplify mounting
  • Maximum operating voltages: AC250V max., DC48V max.
  • Temperature setting range: -10°C to 110°C

Matsuo MQT11 Technical Line Drawings