PEPI F Snap-Action Thermal Cut-Outs

The Portage Electric Products Inc (PEPI) F series is the smallest snap-action thermal protector in the PEPI range suitable for use on mains voltage applications.  The tough metal case and small format means that it can be readily wound into motor and transformer windings without concern about damaging the case or affecting the calibration.

The model F is available with three different bi-metal resistivities to give different levels of current sensitivity.  So you can fine-tune the PEPI F to match the over-current and over-temperature conditions in your product.  Calibrations from 60°C to 150°C in one degree steps can be specified.

Also due to the internal spacings of the component parts, the model F can be used in applications that have voltages upto 277VAC.  This is especially important in lighting ballasts and some industrial and commercial applications.

The PEPI F can be fitted with custom lead-wires and insulating sleeves (if necessary) to help it fit neatly into your product.


  • Electric motors
  • Lighting ballasts
  • Transformers & solenoids
  • Electrical circuits
  • Heating elements


  • Nominal calibrations; 60°C to 150°C
  • Loads up to 8A/250 VAC, 5A/277VAC
  • Three different bimetal options
  • UL, CUL, VDE certification





PEPI is the registered brand name for Portage Electric Products Inc.