PEPI H3 Fast Response One-Time Fuses

The PEPI H3, from Portage Electric Products Inc, is a fast response, single operation device which effectively operates as a thermal fuse.  It is far more reliable than conventional organic pellet-style thermal fuses especially in high temperature applications above 200°C. As single operation thermostats, they perform like a thermal fuse with the reliability of a 100% tested bimetallic thermal control.

The PEPI H3 is basically a very reliable single-shot, snap-action, non re-settable thermal fuse.  Available with calibrations up to 260°C, 10A/250VAc rating and a variety of terminal options, the PEPI H3 provides ultimate thermal protection when your appliance demands it.

Also available as:

PEPI H4 – contact rating;  0.5A/50VDC

PEPI H5 – contact rating;  15A/125VAC  (10A/250VAC)

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  • Small appliances
  • Personal appliances
  • Office automation equipment
  • Industrial heater products
  • Flexible heating elements
  • Large appliances



  • Fast response, snap-action single operation thermal control
  • Suitable for high temperature applications
  • Temperature range; 130°C~260°C
  • Current rating; 10A/240VAC
  • Even faster response obtained with exposed bimetal element
  • Phenolic case isolates fuse from electrical circuit
  • Reset temperature less than -35°C  –  will not reset in normal ambients
  • C-UL, VDE approvals


PEPI is a registered brand name for Portage Electric Products Inc.

Snap action- snap-action : Non resettable thermal fuse