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PEPI H9 Ultra Small Bimetal Thermal Fuse

These are the smallest bimetal thermal fuses available in the PEPI H range.  The strong phenolic resin case has very high heat resistance and so allows temperature calibrations upto 260℃.

The switching mechanism is a fast-response bimetal snap-action blade that once activated, will not reset even in ambients as low as -35℃.  So they are ultra reliable and have many benefits over conventional pellet-style fuses.

The PEPI H9 has a 15A/250VAC contact rating whereas the sister part PEPI H10 has a 1A/50VDC contact ratings.



• Health and personal care products
• Office automation equipment  (printers, photocopiers, faxes, etc.)
• Home and kitchen appliances
• Over temperature protection of heating elements



• Ultra-small and high-speed response single operation thermal fuse
• Calibration temperature range from 130℃ to 260℃
• Calibration tolerance ±7℃ as standard, other tolerances available
• Once operated, will not reset even at temperature as low as -35℃
• Phenolic resin case provides high temperature isolation
• Custom terminals and lead wires options available for high volume applications

Single operation bimetal thermal fuse

Technical Specifications

H9 250Vac 15A Max Resitive load
H10 50Vdc 1A Max Resistive load