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PEPI H9 Ultra Small Bimetal Thermal Fuse

Fast response bi-metal snap action single operation thermal fuse. Available for AC or DC applications



• Home and kitchen appliances
• Haircare products
• Office automation equipment  (printers, fax, copy machines, etc.)
• Over temperature protection of electric heaters



• Ultra-small and high-speed response single operation thermal fuse.
• Calibration temperature range from 130℃ to 260℃
• Calibration temperature tolerance ±7℃ as standard, other tolerances available.
• Reset temperature is less than -35℃. This prevents the fuse from resetting under normal operating conditions.
• Phenolic resin case provides high temperature isolation.
• Custom terminals and lead wires options available for high volume applications

Pepi H9 bimetal thermal fuse, snap action, ultra small, fast response

Technical Specifications

H9 250Vac 15A Max Resitive load
H10 50Vdc 1A Max Resistive load