PEPI J Series Bimetal Thermal Cut-Outs

The PEPI  (Portage Electric Products Inc) J series of snap-action thermal cut-outs is a very flexible range that can be designed to match the thermal and current characteristics of your application.  By altering the internal bimetal resistance and matching it to the temperature setting, you can customise the PEPI J to protect your product against over-current and over-temperature conditions.

The PEPI J can be calibrated in one degree steps from 60°C to 160°C and there are five different bi-metals to choose from.  So they can be used to protect electric motors from locked rotor or stall conditions and transformers from short-circuit output or over-temperature due to high ambients or thermal overload.

PEPI Js can be supplied without lead-wires or with a wide variety of lead-wires and different lengths to help speed assembly in your application.  The case is live so there are various insulating sleeve options to isolate it from the product it’s protecting if necessary.



  • Electric motors
  • Transformers and solenoids
  • Lighting ballasts
  • Heating elements


  • Calibrations from 60°C to 160°C.
  • Choice of bi-metals to vary current sensitivity
  • Contact ratings; 15A/250VAC (10A/12VDC)
  • Custom leads and sleeving





PEPI is the registered brand name for Portage Electric Products Inc.