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PEPI J(A) Thermostats

The PEPI J(A) is snap-action, tight differential bimetal thermostat that gives excellent temperature control.  Its neat low-profile design means that it can replace 1/2″disc thermostats in space-critical applications.  Calibrations from 55°C to 160°C are available in steps of one degree if necessary for your application.

PEPI J(A)s are approved for switching 100k cycles at loads of up to 4A/240VAC or 5A/120VAC.  It can also be used on some DC loads, check with us for details.  So the J(A) can be used as the main temperature control device in small domestic appliances, heating appliances and personal care products.

The J(A) case is electrically live and can be supplied with or without an insulating sleeve depending on the application.  Flexible leads can be customised to help minimise assembly time in your application.


  • Small appliances
  • Personal care appliances
  • Flexible heating elements
  • Electric heater control
  • Car seat heaters


  • Narrow differential ensuring precise temperature control
  • Quick make-break contact action
  • Calibrations from 55°C to 160°C
  • 4A/240VAC 100k cycle approval
  • UL and VDE approvals