PEPI J(S) Self-Hold Thermal Cutouts

The PEPI (Portage Electric Products Inc) J(S) is a self-hold, snap-action thermal protection device that has an internal heating resistor to stop it from auto-resetting.  When the J(S) bimetal snaps open due to a thermal or current overload, the internal resistor then self-heats and stops the bimetal disc from auto-resetting.  The J(S) will only reset once the applied power has been removed from the product its protecting.

The PEPI J(S) can also be fine-tuned to offer protection in over-current conditions.  By choosing a combination of bimetal sensitivity and factory calibration, you can match the model J(S) to meet both the over-temperature and over-current conditions of your appliance.

Thus the PEPI J(S) has the benefits of both an auto-reset and manual-reset cut-out without the disadvantages of either.  Custom lead-wires and insulation options helps you to build a device to accurately suit your application.


  • Small domestic appliances
  • Electric motors
  • Transformers and solenoids
  • Heating elements


  • Temperature settings from 60°C to 160°C
  • Built-in self-hold resistor, remote reset
  • VDE, UL and C-UL Approvals





PEPI is the registered brand name for Portage Electric Products Inc