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PEPI ST01 Series Thermal Cut Out

PEPI ST01 series is a snap action thermal cut out offering exceptional performance in an extremely small package. As it has a small, round and low profile it fits neatly into small places. Designed as an economical solutions for use with transformers, motors, lighting applications up to 5 amps and electronics. Nominal calibration temperature 60°C-160°C.

Available in a variety of configurations to meet the requirements of many different applications. A self-hold model is available for applications requiring an additional level of protection. An internal heat source holds the circuit open until power is disconntected.


  • Transformers
  • Motors
  • Lighting applications up to 5 amps
  • Electronics


  • Nominal calibration temperature 60°C- 160°C
  • Snap action design, quick break/quick make
    switching action
  • Preset calibration temperature, not adjustable in
    the field
  • Brass case provides good thermal conductivity
PEPI EAW ST01 Thermal Cut Out ST01 Series Thermal Cut-Out Drawing