SEFUSE D6S Ultra Thin SMD Logic Fuse

The SEFUSE D6S series of battery logic fuses provides valuable overcharge and over-current protection of Li-ion battery packs up to 60A.  Unlike ordinary current fuses, these logic fuses offer two levels of protection.

The D6S carries the full battery operating current under normal conditions but if the battery is short-circuited, then the fuse simply blows due to the excessive currents.  If however the battery is overcharged, then the D6S’s built-in heater is triggered by the FET linked to the battery’s secondary protection IC.  This heater then blows the D6S fuse and thus protects the Li-ion battery.

Ideal for protecting lap-tops, power drills, cordless garden tools, e-bikes, e-scooters, e-etc.  The latest D6SE versions now offer protection up to 60A for these various e-vehicle applications.

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  • Rechargeable power tools and garden tools
  • Cordless and robotic vacuum cleaners
  • E-bikes, e-scooters and e-motorcycles
  • Energy storage systems



  • Short-circuit and overcharge Li-ion battery protection
  • Many package sizes & current ratings available – call to discuss options
  • Extremely thin and compact surface mount designs
  • D6SC Series – 12A, 15A, 22A Ratings
  • D6SA series – 12A, 15A, 30A Ratings
  • D6SE Series – 30A, 45A, 60A Ratings
SCHO protectionTT Sefuse battery fuses for overcharge

Schott SEFUSE D6S Specifications

Schott SEFUSE D6S Battery Logic Fuse Specifications from ATC Semitec