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SEFUSE D6SC Ultra Thin SMD Logic Fuse

The D6SC series of battery logic fuses provides valuable overcharge and over-current protection of Li-ion battery packs.

Under normal battery operating conditions, the D6SC carries the full current load.  If an over-current condition occurs, then the fuse simply blows due to the excessive current.  If there is an overcharge condition, then the D6SC’s built-in heater is triggered by the FET linked to the battery’s secondary protection IC.  This heater blows the D6SC fuse and thus protects the Li-ion battery.

Ideal for protecting smartphones, tablets, notebooks and cordless power tool batteries.  New versions such as the D6SA & D6SE series upto 60A (and higher) are being developed for e-bike and e-vehicle applications.


Sefuse D6SC Ultra Thin SMD Logic Fuse

Schott SEFUSE D6SC Specification Table

Schott Sefuse D6SC Logic Fuse