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SEFUSE SF-R Thermal Fuses

Our new smaller SF-R series thermal fuse replaced the larger SF-E series, but still has the same contact capacity and wide temperature range.  The smaller fuse body size means a faster thermal response to dangerous overheat situations.

The SF-R fuse is a one-time device and has to be replaced if it has blown.  There are 17 settings available from 70deg.C to 240deg.C to cover a wide range of applications from small personal care products to large kitchen appliances.

All settings listed below are readily available from stock for next day delivery.


• Rechargeable Batteries
• Small and Large Appliances
• Personal Appliances
• Electric Motors, Transformers & Solenoids


• One shot thermal fuse
• Small fuse body: 4 x 8.5mm long
• Faster thermal response
• Temperature range 70°C to 240°C
• Contact rating: 15A/250VAC

Stock Fuses; SF70R, SF76R, SF81R, SF90R, SF94R, SF113R, SF119E, SF119R, SF129R, SF139R, SF150R, SF167R, SF184E, SF188E, SF214R, SF229R, SF240R

Small body fuse- Fast response time