SEFUSE SFH-R Ultra Reliable Thermal Fuses

Our SEFUSE SFH-R one-time thermal fuse uses a eutectic polymer pellet as its sensing element.  The polymer pellet is superior to conventional organic pellets in that is does not sublimate or shrink, thus minimising the chance of premature failure or “nuisance tripping”.

So as a new product designer you can choose a fuse setting that is much closer to the appliance operating temperature without compromising on reliability.  This also helps to improve product safety as there will be reduced thermal lag between a fault condition occurring and the SFH-R fuse operating.



These products can be used in a great variety of applications including :-

  • Home & kitchen appliances
  • Personal care appliances
  • Office equipment e.g. photo-copiers and laser printers
  • Heating elements and portable heaters
  • Automotive electronics, e.g. dropper resistor protection


  • Ultra reliable one shot thermal fuse
  • Temperature range; 110°C to 176°C
  • Small fuse body; 4 x 8.5mm
  • Contact rating; 15A/250VAC
  • Higher than normal Tm rating for improved product protection
  • Excellent insulation performance at high temperatures
Small body fuse- reliable thermal fuse - in stock SEFUSE SFH-R dimension