SEFUSE SF-K Slim Thermal Fuses

Our SEFUSE SF-K one-time thermal fuse is a slimmer version of our main SF-R series. The SF-K uses an organic thermo-sensitive pellet within a metal case and has a wide range of calibrations from 70°C to 214°C.  Once its set-point is reached, the pellet melts (i.e. the fuse opens circuit) and thus helps to prevent electrical appliances from catching fire due to overheating.

The SF-K fuses are very accurate (+/-2K tolerance typically), reliable and highly sensitive to temperature change due to their smaller size and shape.  They are capable of carrying a constant current of up to 6A/250VAC.


These fuses can be used in a great variety of applications including;

  • Li-ion batteries
  • Small domestic appliances
  • Personal care appliances
  • Office equipment e.g. photo-copiers & laser printers
  • Automotive electronics and component protection


  • Slim metal body fuse: 3 x 7.5mm
  • Temp range: 70°C to 214°C
  • Rating: 6A/250VAC
  • Quicker response time

Stock Fuses: SF70K, SF76K, SF90K, SF96K, SF214K

Wide range of SCHOTT Sefuse thermal fuses : ATC Semitec