SEFUSE SM-A One Shot Thermal Fuses

Our SEFUSE SM-A thermal fuse is a general purpose, one-time temperature fuse which uses a fusible solder alloy (held inside its ceramic case) as its temperature sensing element.  Once it reaches its precise melting point, the solder alloy melts and thus interrupts the electrical circuit.

These small bodied fuses can be readily incorporated in batteries or motor, transformer and solenoid coils to help provide ultimate over-temperature protection.  When correctly applied, the SM-A thermal fuse can help to prevent domestic, automotive and industrial electrical equipment from catching fire.


Variety of different uses including;

  • Electric motors, transformers & solenoids
  • Personal care products
  • Small kitchen appliances
  • Battery packs
  • Automotive


  • General purpose ceramic thermal fuse
  • Isolated Ceramic Fuse Body: 2.5 x 9mm long
  • Temperature Range: 72°C to 225°C
  • Maximum Rating: 2A/250VAC (also 50VDC ratings)

 Stock Fuses:

SM072A0, SM092A0, SM110A0. SM125A0, SM137A0, SM146A0, SM164A0

Protection for batteries, electric motors and transformers