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SEFUSE SM-A One Shot Thermal Fuses

Our SEFUSE SM-A  is a general purpose one shot thermal fuse which uses a fusible alloy inside a ceramic case.

The fusible alloy interrupts the electrical circuit by melting when ambient temperatures reach abnormal levels, thus preventing both home and industrial electrical equipment catching fire.

A a result of its insulated case, the SM fuse can be applied directly to where it will be most effective.



Variety of different uses including:

  • Power supplies
  • Motors /automotives
  • Small kitchen appliances
  • Personal care
  • Air- conditioning and heating
  • Large kitchen appliances
  • Battery packs


  • General purpose ceramic thermal fuse
  • Isolated Ceramic Fuse Body: 2.5 x 9mm long
  • Temperature Range: 72°C to 225°C
  • Maximum Rating: 2A/250VAC (also 50VDC ratings)

 Stock Fuses:

SM072A0, SM082A0, SM092A0, SM110A0. SM125AO, SM137A0, SM146A0. SM150AO, SM164A0, SM182A0,

SEFUSE SM-A Ceramic One Shot Thermal Fuses

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