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SEFUSE SM-B Thermal Fuses

Our SEFUSE SM-B fuse is a general purpose, one-shot thermal fuse which uses a fusible alloy inside a ceramic case.  The SM-B thermal fuse has a smaller ceramic body which is only 2 x 6mm (compared to our SM-A fuses) and so can be readily used in the smallest of spaces.  It has a continuous current rating of 1A/250VAC.

The thermal fuse operates when the local ambient temperatures reaches the fuse’s very accurate set-point.  The solder alloy inside melts and breaks the electrical circuit helping to prevent the appliance product from catching fire.

Having an insulated case, the SM-B thermal fuse can be directly applied to where it will be the most effective safety device.


Various uses including:

  • Electric motors, transformers & solenoids
  • Personal care appliances
  • Small appliances
  • Rechargeable battery packs
  • Component monitoring e.g. ATEX applications


  • Smallest diameter, one shot thermal fuse
  • Ceramic Fuse body: 2 x 6mm
  • Temp range; 82°C to 225°C
  • Rating: 1A/250VAC (also 50VDC ratings – call ATC to discuss)

Stock Fuses: SM092B0, SM110B0, SM125B0, SM137B0, SM146B0

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