Semifuse SFVT Ultra Slim Battery PTC Fuses

Semifuse SFVT series PTC fuses from Fuzetec are amongst the thinnest available and have a lower trip temperature and thus faster response than other series.  This makes them ideal to protect the latest generation of thinner Lithium-ion batteries and prismatic cells from short-circuits and over-temperature.

The SFVTs ultra-slim design have a 20% lower temperature trip compared to the SFSR series and so extra care must be given to the battery operating conditions.  The local ambient and battery discharge current self-heating need to be taken into account during PTC specification.


  • Lithium or NiMH battery cells
  • Primary or secondary battery packs
  • Individual battery cells


  • Hold currents: 1.1A to 2.4A
  • Voltage rating: 16VDC
  • Nickel strap terminations for spot-welding between battery cells
Semifuse SFVT Ultra Slim PTC Fuse Range of PPTC resettable fuses from ATC Semitec

Technical Specifications

Range of PPTC resettable fuses from ATC Semitec