Semitec AT-5 Lead-Wire NTC Thermistors

Our 103AT-5 thermistor incorporates the same industry standard NTC element as our 103AT-2 (10k/B3435K) meaning that it can be readily used in applications where a more flexible lead-wire option is required.  The 30mm long wires can be customised to length and the wire pitch can be adjusted to suit the relevant board space available.

To aid manufacturing further, the AT-5’s 30mm long solid bare lead-wires (0.5mm diameter) can be supplied in bulk form, tape & reel or ammo-pack formats suitable for auto-insertion assembly.  The 103AT-5 is highly accurate with ±1% R25 and B25/85 tolerances which helps to ensure an accuracy of ±1°C or better from -50°C to +80°C.

The AT-5 is primarily designed to use the 103AT-2 chip but for very high volume applications, other AT-2 chips from 1kohms to 100kohms can be utilised.


  • Office automation products
  • Temperature Controllers
  • Mobile devices
  • Battery packs
  • Home electronics/Domotica
  • HVAC equipment
  • Fire & Digital Security
  • Thermometers


  • ±1°C accuracy (or less) between -50°C and +80°C
  • ±1% R25 and B25/85 tolerances
  • Tape/Reel Options for auto-insertion
  • Other R25/B values for high-volume applications
Semitec AT-5 Solid Lead NTC Thermistor Line Drawing