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Semitec AT-5 Lead In NTC Thermistors

Incorporating the same NTC element as the 103AT-2, the Semitec AT-5 is a high precision thermal sensing device with extremely small B-value tolerance and resistance.

For ease of manufacture they are fitted with 30mm long solid bare lead-wires (0.5mm dia) and can be supplied in bulk form or tape & reel or ammo-pack.

Call us to discuss any auto-insertion requirements you have for NTC thermistors.


  • Office automation products
  • Temperature Controllers
  • Mobile devices
  • Battery packs
  • Home electronics
  •  HVAC equipment
  •  Fire & Digital Security
  •  Thermometers
  • Automotive, E- vehicles


  • ±1 % accuracy or better between – 5°C and + 80°C
  •  Tight R25 and B25/85 tolerances (± 1%)
Semitec AT-5 Solid Lead NTC Thermistor Line Drawing