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CRDs – Current Regulating Diodes

Current regulating diodes maintain a constant current flow despite voltage fluctuations. CRDs supply constant current over a wide range of voltage from less than 1V to 100V. Constant current is supplied regardless of fluctuations in voltage applied, load resistance changes and ripple voltage.


  • Constant current source for LED brightness stabilization
  • LED street lights, LED fluorescent lamps, LED light bulbs, LED downlights
  • Constant voltage circuit for supplying constant current to Zener diodes
  • Constant current source for proximity sensors and other sensors
  • Battery charge / discharge circuits
  • Electrolytic capacitor aging equipment
  • Constant current test equipment for various semiconductor devices
  • Telecommunications line interface
  • Earth leakage circuit breakers
  • Current source for piezoelectric actuators
  • Stabilized power supply circuits


  • Offers constant current values from 0.1mA to 22mA.
  • Operating temperature range:  -40° to 150°C
  • Combining in parallel or in series with a zener, even higher current and voltage ratings can be achieved
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