Epoxy-Coated Temperature Sensors

The epoxy-coated thermistor sensor is one of the simplest forms of waterproof temperature sensor available.  The NTC element is first soldered to the relevant gauge of lead-wire and then encapsulated in several layers of epoxy to provide an environmental seal and mechanical protection.

The resulting epoxy sensor can be used in air-conditioning, refrigeration and other similar HVAC applications and offers a lower-cost solution compared with our TPE-encapsulated sensor types.  The overall size of the sensing tip will be a function of the cable gauge and the NTC chosen, so there is some scope for customisation of the tip size.

By using any thermistor from our AP-2, AT-2, ET, NT-4 or SP series, a wide range of single-insulated, fully encapsulated sensors are available.  Connectors and various housings or fixings can be added for high-volume applications.


  • Air-conditioning & HVAC
  • Battery Packs & Modules
  • General air-temperature sensing


  • Offers up to IP67 waterproof protection.
  • Temperature range: -50 to +110°C (125°C)
  • Cable length: 50mm to 10 metres