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Semitec ET Miniature Epoxy NTC Thermistor

Originally designed for clinical thermometer applications this small beaded NTC thermistor is very versatile and suitable for wide range of applications.

Very fast response and high accuracy make it a universal choice for low-cost applications.

R37 tolerances of ±1% or smaller and matched resistance groups help to minimise unit cost whilst maximising sensor accuracy.



  • Medical devices including thermometers
  • Electric vehicles
  • Mobile devices
  • Battery chargers and battery packs
  • Home electronics
  • Security
  • LCDs


  • Highly accurate – fast response
  • Tight resistance and B-value tolerances
  • Small epoxy bead size <1.6mm
  • Operating range -40°C/+100°C
  • Uniform shape facilitates automated assembly
  • Long term reliability

See attached data sheet for resistance/ temperature characteristics and detailed specifications.


Semitec ET-3H Small bead Epoxy Thermistor

Technical Line Drawing