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Semitec ET Miniature Epoxy NTC Thermistor

Originally designed for clinical thermometer applications, this small bead NTC thermistor is very versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications.  The fast response, high accuracy and precise format make it a universal choice for low-cost applications.

ET series thermistors are mounted on stiff or flexible lead-wires giving users a choice of rigidity in their application.  The ET-1 version has a built-in strain-relief point to help minimise the bead size and thus maximise the speed of response.  ET-3H versions have lacquered lead-wires which help to insulate the thermistor and provide environmental protection in heat detector applications.

As well as a wide range of nominal R25 resistance values, ET thermistors can be point-calibrated at 37°C with tolerances of ±1% or less.  Also highly accurate matched R37 resistance groups (with accuracy +/-0.1°C or smaller) can be produced to help  minimise unit cost whilst maximising sensor accuracy in high volume applications.



  • Medical thermometers
  • Wearable tracker devices
  • Battery chargers and battery packs
  • Heat detectors and fire detectors
  • Room thermostats
  • Home automation products


  • Highly accurate and very fast response
  • Tight resistance and B-value tolerances
  • Small epoxy bead size <1.6mm
  • Operating range -40°C/+100°C
  • Long term reliability
  • Insulated lead-wire options

See attached data sheet for resistance/temperature (RT) characteristics and detailed specifications.


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