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Semitec F-micro Miniature Temperature Sensors

The Fμ thermistor sensor (pronounced “F-micro”) has been developed using SEMITEC’s
proprietary thin film thermistor technology. It is the only sensor in the world using this unique technology.

It is highly suitable for catheter applications due to its high volume production capability, reliability, accuracy and fast response.

Now available in packages as small as 0.3mm (D) x 1.8mm (L) with a Tc≤20ms.


  • Medical catheters
  • Handheld medical devices
  • Body temperature monitoring
  • Guide Wires
  • Testing Equipment
  • Or  other applications where an extremely small sensor needs to be incorporated with other clinical instruments.


  • Fast response time (<51ms)
  • Highly accurate ±0.14K at 37°C
  • Operating temperature range is -10/+70°C
  • Laser Trimming of ladder- electrodes
  • Glass encapsulation


  • 2 stock items available:
    • Probe size – 0.5mm (D) x 2.3mm (L)   Tc≤52ms
    • Probe size – 0.3mm (D) x 1.8mm (L)   Tc≤20ms
Semitec F-Micro Miniature Temperature Sensors

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