Semitec FT/FL Thin Film SMD Thermistors

Semitec thin film FT thermistors can outperform conventional SMD thermistors due to their miniature size, extreme thinness and wide temperature range.  Their small size and thinness allows them to be integrated into products with minimal impact on the available space.

The FT thermistor is available in EIAJ1608, 1005 or 0603 packages (or even smaller) and the axial FL version has silver plated flat ‘lead-wires’ to help simplify the connection process.  A metallised backing is also available to improve thermal response times even further.

Nominal resistance (R25) values of 10k ohms, 50k ohms, 100k ohms and 360k ohms are available as standard.  Other resistance values available in request for volume applications.  Point calibrations also possible to enhance spot temperature accuracy.

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Available with a choice of housings to suit your application


  • ‘In-cell’ battery applications
  • E-vehicles
  • Wearable and medical devices
  • Office automation sensors
  • Power transistor monitoring
  • Personal care appliances


  • SMD thin film high temperature NTC thermistor
  • Thin film technology ensures exceptionally fast response times (Tc <0.2s)
  • Glass passivation ensures moisture resistance
  • Wide operating temperature range; -50°C/+350°C
  • Interchangeable versions; ±0.2°C (0-70°C) possible
  • Extremely thin versions – 0.15mm thin


Available as SMD, axial or choice of housings

Miniature, fast response, high temperature glass SMD NTC. Less than 0.15mm thin. Semitec FT from ATC Semitec