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Semitec JT Ultra-Thin Film NTC Thermistor

Semitec’s JT series of thermistors are ultra-thin flexible film NTCs that give a very fast response to temperature change. Laminated within 2 polymer layers it is one of thinnest available worldwide at less than 0.5mm thick.

Whilst increasingly used within medical device applications, it is a versatile thermistor which is used within battery packs, e-vehicles, mobile devices and surface/air  temperature sensors.



  • Battery packs, chargers
  • E-Vehicles
  • IOT devices
  • Medical devices
  • Fire & security devices
  • Surface temperature sensors
  • Fast response air temperature sensors


  • One of thinnest available worldwide -less than 0.5mm thick.
  • Laminated within 2 polymer layers – flexible yet resilient.
  • Operating range -50°C/+125°C
  • Very fast response times.
  • Standard R25 values are 10kohms and 100kohms with lengths of 25mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm.

Stock parts include :

103JT-025, 103JT-050, 104JT-025 and 104JT-050.


See the attached data sheet for further information including resistance tables etc.

Flexible, thin film, NTC thermistors