Semitec NT-4 Glass Thermistor

Semitec’s NT-4 series glass bead thermistors have a very fast thermal response and wide operating temperature range from -50°C to +300°C.  The small glass bead is extremely tough and the 70mm long dumet lead-wires aid assembly when used in probes and sensor assemblies.

The glass coating ensures the NT-4 thermistor is fully moisture resistant and together with the lead-wire technology used, ensures long-term stability and integrity.

The Semitec NT-4 series thermistors supersede the Semitec GT-2 series and offer superior performance and sensitivity.  Compared with conventional epoxy-coated thermistors, NT-4 thermistors are smaller, faster responding and more reliable which makes them suitable for numerous applications.


  • 3D printers & office automation
  • Hot water boilers & domestic appliances
  • Automotive sensors
  • E-vehicle electric motors
  • Medical equipment & devices
  • High temperature sensors


  • High temperature up to +300°C (-50°C/+300°C)
  • Fast thermal response times
  • High accuracy, ±1% tolerance available
  • Robust bead and moisture resistant
  • Small 1.25mm bead diameter, with 70mm dumet leads

High temperature, fast response, moisture resistant. Glass bead NTC. UK stock ATC Semitec. Semitec NT4 Diagram