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Semitec NT-4 Glass NTC Thermistor

Semitec’s NT series glass bead thermistors have a very fast response time and wide operating temperature range from -50°C to 300°C.

The glass coating is extremely robust and ensures the thermistor is moisture-proof.
These high temperature thermistors use lead-alloy technology to ensure long-term stability.

This superior performing Semitec NT-4 NTC thermistor supersedes the Semitec GT-2


• Heating/cooling devices
• Boilers & Domestic appliances
• Automotive sensors
• E-vehicle batteries
• Medical devices
• Temperature safety applications
• 3D printers & Office automation
• High temperature sensors


  • Superior performing NT-4 – superseding Semitec GT-2.
  • High temperature rating use from -50°C/+300°C
  • Fast response times
  • High accuracy
  • Robust and moisture proof
  • Small 1.25mm bead diameter, with 70mm dumet leads
  • High reliability /stability

Semitec NT-4 Glass Diode NTC Thermistor

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