Schott SEREB Thermal Cut-out

Schott’s SEREB miniature battery protection devices are a unique combination of snap-action bimetal element and adjacent PTC ceramic thermistor to provide the ultimate in battery protection devices.

If an over-temperature condition occurs, the bimetal blade snaps open and the battery current then flows through the adjacent PTC thermistor.  The ceramic PTC then heats up, its resistance significantly increases and minimises the battery current flow until the battery voltage drops to safe levels.

Similarly if an over-current condition occurs, this will cause the bimetal to self-heat, snap open and activate the PTC.  Again the PTC’s increase in resistance will limit the current flow in the battery to safe levels.  The heat generated by the PTC also stops the bimetal from auto-resetting.


  • Self-hold latching protection mechanism
  • Miniature size; 1.05mm  x 11.4mm long
  • 4 calibrations; 72°C, 77°C, 82°C & 85°C
  • TuV and UL Approved
  • RoHS & REACH compliant, Halogen-free


  • Rechargeable Li-ion batteries
  • Primary batteries