Semifuse SMD PTC Resettable Fuses

Our Semifuse SMD series of PTC resettable fuses from Fuzetec is one of the most comprehensive available.  Packages sizes from as small as 0603 up to 2920 ensure that we can cover hold current values from 10mA up to 3A, and trip current values from 30mA up to 5.2A.

These SMD PTC fuses offer very reliable, on-board over-current protection of electronic and electrical circuits.  Once the PTC fuse has tripped, it will remain in its latched (off) state until the power source is removed, hence providing ultimate non-cycling protection.


  • High-density p.c.b.s
  • Power electronics
  • Battery chargers


  • Small surface mount packages from 0603 to 2920
  • Current ratings: 0.01A to 3.0A
  • Max operating voltages: 60V AC/DC
  • Temperature between: -40°C to +60°C