SMD PTCs as Thermal Switches

The TPM series of SMD PTC thermistors are frequently used as thermal switches in electronic circuits. Their small size (0402, 0603 or 0805) and step change RT curve (at their trip point) makes these solid-state temperature switches ideal for small spaces and are very simple to incorporate.

Temperature switch points from 65°C to 135°C are available with several R25 (resistance at 25°C) values to suit varying circuit conditions.


  • RoHS & Halogen-free compliant
  • Thermistor chip with lead-free tinned terminals
  • EIA size 0402,0603,0805
  • Fast and reliable response
  • Suitable for reflow soldering


  • DC/DC converter
  • AC adapter
  • Inverter
  • Overheat protection for transistor and ICs
  • LED