STS1 Pipe-clip Temperature Sensors

The STS1 pipe-clip temperature sensor is IP67 rated and using our FT thin-film thermistor, it offers a very fast thermal response.  Suitable for Legionnaires monitoring and hot water boiler systems.

  • Typical Time Constant (Tc) = ≤1s
  • Temperature Accuracy at 85°C is ±1°C
  • IP67 rated housing

STS1 pipe-clip temperature sensors are IP67 rated and so are very suitable for use in damp or wet environments for monitoring in-pipe water temperatures.  The sensor uses our very fast-response FT series thin-film thermistor as the sensing element, ensuring a fast response to temperature change – the sensor has a time constant of ≤1 second.

The STS1 uses a spring-metal clip to provide excellent thermal contact onto the metal pipework and is very easy to fit or remove.  The sensor clip has three different sizes to accommodate pipe diameters from 12mm to 22mm and electrical connection is made using standard 2.8mm push-on terminals.

Originally designed for hot-water temperature control in gas-boilers, the clip-on sensor has become very useful for monitoring water temperatures in anti-legionnaires control systems.


  • Gas boilers
  • Electric showers
  • Anti-legionnaires systems
  • Instant water heaters


  • Fast response design (Tc ≤ 1s)
  • Accuracy ±1°C at 85°C
  • IP67 Rated, excellent stability
  • Clip-on pipes from 12 ~ 22mm diameter
  • Operating range up to +120°C
ATC Semitec STS1 Pipe Clip Temperature Sensor

Technical Specifications

NTC Thermistor Series FT – Thin Film NTC
Temperature Range -20°C/+120°C
Sensor Accuracy ±1°C at 85°C
Sensor Material 316 stainless steel
Connectors 2.7 x 0.5mm terminals