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STS3 Thin Flexible Film Temperature Sensor

Our popular flexible JT film NTC thermistor assembly from Semitec fitted with lead-wires and connector.

Bespoke products available for volume applications.


  • Ideal for General Air Sensing
  • E-Vehicle Batteries
  • Fire alarms and heat detectors
  • Motherboard Fan Control
  • Medical sensors/ devices
  • Rechargeable Batteries


  • Fast response design (Tc ≤ 1s)
  • High accuracy ±1%
  • Flexible sensing tip
  • Interchangeability between NTCs
  • Operating range up to -40°C /+125°C
ATC Semitec STS3 Thin Flexible Film

Technical Line Drawing

Technical Specifications

NTC Thermistor Series JT
Temperature Range -40°C/+125°C depending on NTC
Sensor Accuracy R25±1%
Sensor Material Polyimide/Polyester
Lead Wires From 24~30 AWG PVC, XLPE
Connectors JST XHP-2, Molex mini-fit Jr., etc