STS4 Flexible Surface Sensor for High Temperatures

Semitec flexible film NTC thermistor sensors are suitable for surface sensing applications up to 230°C.  These springy “soft-touch” sensors use our FT or FL miniature thin film elements to achieve a very fast thermal response with a Tc of typically around 1 second.  The highly sensitive thermistor elements are laminated between two high-grade polymer layers that give both robustness and high temperature thermal stability.

These soft-touch sensors were originally designed for use in laser-printers and multi-function photocopiers.  However both catering appliances and industrial applications can also benefit from the fast thermal response combined with the high temperature stability offered by these sensors.



  • E-V Battery Monitoring Systems
  • Personal care
  • Laser Printers & Office automation
  • Catering – Hot plates and Appliances


  • Fast response design (Tc ≤ 1s)
  • High accuracy ±3% tolerance
  • Flexible sensing tip
  • Operating range up to 230°C
  • Excellent long-term stability
Flexible film NTC assembly. Uses Semitec FT series to give ultra fast response time

Technical Specifications

NTC Thermistor Series FL and FT Sensing Elements
Temperature Range -20°C/+230°C depending on NTC
Sensor Accuracy R180 ±3% Calibrations Possible
Sensor Material PTFE/FEP Film Encapsulation
Lead Wires From 24~28AWG PVC, XLPE, FEP
Connectors JST XHP-2, Molex Mini-fit Jr., etc