Thermopiles – Non-Contact Infrared Sensors

Semitec 10TP series thermopiles are very fast-acting infrared sensing devices suitable for non-contact temperature measurement applications.  The 10TP thermopile is a TO-18 packaged sensor with a window leading to an array of miniature thermocouple junctions.  As infrared energy falls onto this array, the combined voltage output provides an EMF proportional to the amount of infrared energy falling onto it.

These thermopiles are very fast acting with a time constant measured in milliseconds, typically 15ms for the 10TP583T.  Although the window in the thermopile is quite small, by using a lens or wave guide, the available energy can be focussed onto the sensor array to maximise its sensitivity and voltage output.

The 10TP is also fitted with a highly accurate internal 100k ohm NTC thermistor so that any ambient temperature fluctuations can be compensated for.  Data tables are readily provided to help calibrate the thermopile for the given application.


  • Operating Temperature Range: -10°C to +100°C
  • Very Fast Response, Tc = 15ms
  • Built-in Temperature Compensation


  • Tympanic thermometers
  • Infrared sensors
  • Clinical thermometers
Semitec 10TP Fast Acting IR Sensing Device Semitec 10TP Product Line Drawings