TKS Inline Coolant Temperature Sensor

TKS inline coolant sensors are a neat temperature monitoring solution for cooling systems in the e-vehicle and automotive industry in general.  The sensor is sealed directly into the pipe assembly allowing ease of installation as well as simple integration.  There are two standard pipe versions, one ribbed and the other smooth.  The first is designed for use with rigid polymer hoses wheras the latter is for use with elastomer hose systems.

Installed within the inlet or the outlet hoses, the sensor directly monitors the temperature of the fluid providing a rapid response (Tc ≤ 15s) with a ±1% accuracy NTC thermistor as standard.  This ensures an overall system accuracy better than +/-1deg.C between the fluid and the sensor reading.

The standard NTC options have R25 values of 10k ohms or 100k ohms with a +/-1% R25 accuracy.  Other resistance values, pipe sizes and connectors can be supplied for high volume applications.

The coolant sensors have a general operating range of -40°C to 125°C, call us to discuss your cooling or fluid monitoring application.

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  • EV battery pack coolant loops
  • Engine coolant monitoring
  • Industrial flow processes
  • Large home appliances



  • Temperature range -40°C to +125°C
  • R25 values; 10k ohms & 100k ohms
  • Hydrolysis resistant tubes; barbed & smooth
  • Customisable tube, NTC and connectors
Available from ATC Semitec. Inline coolant temperature sensor ideal fro E- Vehicle, domestic appliances and industrial process flow applications. Inline coolant sensor for EV batteries