YAGEO Nexensos EC3032 -IP68 Encapsulated RTD Sensor

The YAGEO Nexensos IP68 rated EC3032 temperature sensor was originally designed for high-end industrial electric motors but it is ideal for e-vehicle motor applications and charging applications. It’s small size helps it to be incorporated between the adjacent windings of the motor stator or neatly attached to the surface of a hairpin winding.

The sensor consists of a Pt1000B element securely sealed within a kynar tube and fitted to 410mm long 24AWG PTFE wires. The EC3032 sensor is back-sealed to create an IP68 rated sensor impervious to fluids such as varnish and other insulating media. It can be used continuously from -50°C to +200°C.

As well as e-motor applications, the sensor’s small neat format means it can be used in the confines of rapid-charging plugs, between adjacent cells in battery packs/modules and any other high temperature applications where an ultra-reliable sensor is required.

The EC3032 is now qualified to IATF 16949 standards.

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  • E-vehicle motors
  • E-vehicle fast-charging plugs
  • Electric motors
  • Motor Bearing Housings
  • Flexible Heating Elements


  • IP68 Rated Encapsulated Sensor
  • -50°C/+200°C Operating Range (250°C short-term)
  • Pt1000B High-Accuracy Sensing Element
  • 3.2mm Diameter Bead on flexible 410mm PTFE Leads
  • Pt1000 part # 5016951 available from stock
YAGEO Nexensos EC3032 IP68 E-Motor Temperature Sensor